State of the Duchy 2017

With the release of the State of Elyria blog post by Caspian, I felt it necessary to write some about the future of Asebe’ia Thunar too. Albeit not as long as Caspian’s post, hopefully this will bring some clarifications to the table as well. First off however, I’d like to take a look at the months behind us.

The time behind us

As I write this it’s almost been eight months since Asebe’ia Thunar was made official, and some of us have stuck together even longer. Some since the very beginning of the kickstarter campaign. It has been a long journey, and for a game that won’t be released till 2019 CoE is a so far a game that has given me lots of joy, new friendships and a few headaches.

Originally counting about 4-5 counties and about 40 members, Asebe’ia Thunar is now one of the largest duchies in Nirath and on the EU-server as a whole with 11 counties and 111 counting members. For a long time we were the most numerous duchy in Nirath as well, but we were recently surpassed by Avaland (who’s currently only counting three more members than us!).

Having Ascain and Ariamis join our duchy after the departure of Usifan was the largest bump in both numbers and activity that we’ve seen through our eight month history. It has been a pleasure to get to know all the new faces, although we knew most of them through our common Nirathi heritage.

The time before us

The most controversial topic the last couple of months have been tribes. Many people have different opinions on what tribe is good or bad, and we’ve also been in the position that our king, Dragor, is the last king to pick domain and thus tribe. Now that domain selection have been postponed till next summer/early autumn this very dividing choice will lay on us for a good while. I have set up a survey all duchy members should fill out (found in #the-herald channel on Discord) so we have a better idea of what people want. This will be important for our talks, discussions and decision ahead of us.

With domain selection a year into the future, now’s the question what do we do now? Some have talked about hibernation, but I believe that the community we’ve become so far is important to keep alive and kicking all the way from now and till launch, and way beyond.

First off we’ll have ElyriaMUD sometime before Christmas. We’ll for the first time meet in-game (kinda!). In ElyriaMUD we’ll be able to test out tribes, biomes and playing-styles. It’ll be a sandbox and a playground for us so we can make an informed choice come domain selection.

Secondly we want everyone in the duchy to voice their opinions and to be heard about tribes, biomes and domains. As already mentioned a survey has been made. In addition I’d like to host duchy meetings on voice (or text for those not wanting to use voice) where these topics can be discussed. Times and dates must be agreed on, and agendas set. This will most likely be done by the Thunargemot.

Thirdly I feel it more important now than before that we find games to play together while waiting for CoE. A goal could be to have at least bi-weekly game nights for duchy members. Be it Ark, CK2, Civ6, Cards against humanity or any other game. Doesn’t need to be the same game every time either. Please use the #great-hall on discord to discuss games, and we’ll soon have some polls set up.

Lastly I’d like to stress how happy I’m about our duchy community. When I backed CoE during KS I knew no one else who were going to play, it was purely for my own pleasure. Now, a long year later we’re a whole bunch hyping together for a game we all hope (and know in our guts) will be our dream mmo!  It’s not easy to build a community from nothing, and find people who get so well along as you lot. Thank you!

Thor Storm

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